Reading Short Stories Aloud to Our Kids is MORE
Than Just a FUN Thing To Do!!

Kids Life-Skill Stories Deal With Issues Children Can Face Every Day… Like Bullying & Low Self-esteem… and Help Them Learn to Make Good Choices…
Even When You’re Not Around!

Fact is These Incredibly Effective Children’s Character-Building Stories Will Develop in Your Child Respect, Consideration, and Obedience

Give Your Children The Gift of READING … It's Never Too Early to Start!

Kids Stories
"They keep asking me to read yet another one…"

"Even the little kids can follow these stories…"

My children and their cousins love to pick the stories from the snappy titles, and keep asking me to read another one, and then another one… They have created 'family-on-the-porch-time'!

I really want them to be considerate of others. The lesson is right in each story, so the children can't help but think about it. The stories easily find a place in their memories. And because they are short, the younger ones can follow them easily.

I'm impressed with the range of 'today' topics too!

Patricia Cieslar
Mother of two children (aged 8 & 10 years)
Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia


kids love stories
"My boys are really taken with the true-to-life stories…"

"Finally … some wholesome stories for my kids to grow on!"

I was so fed up with all the corrupt and immoral actions that so many traditional fairy tales trivialize and make acceptable … that I even stopped reading to my kid's at bedtime – just because I didn't want them to go to sleep with such nonsense as the last things on their minds' each day.

Your stories are truly a blessing.

Not only do my boys LOVE the stories, but the wonderful lessons they've learned from them are truly starting to show.

Thanks for a fantastic book!

Raeesa Gutta
Mother of three boys (aged 1, 5 & 9 years)
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Here’s why parents are excited with this

newly-released treasure trove of

Character-Building Life-Skill Stories

for 5-10 year-olds …   and kids just love them too!

  • You can expect to be more and more impressed with your child’s good choices as they learn from these stories
  • While the world outside your home is full of ‘me’, ‘my’ and ‘give me’, your child can learn the important lessons of kindness, sharing, honesty, respect and thankfulness
  • Your child’s attention span will increase and their ability to focus on what you say will become sharper
  • These stories will gently bring your child in touch with their feelings … helping to avoid unnecessary pain
  • Develop your child’s natural curiosity – a skill that must be fostered at a young age or they risk never getting it
  • Your Child Will Develop a greater Resilience and Belief In Their Own Worth
  • Shy kids won’t need to feel awkward when they see how the children in these stories make friends
  • Makes the most of your child’s vital Learning Window of 5-10 years of age … don’t miss it!
  • If books are introduced early into a child's routine, then reading will seem a normal and obvious thing to do.
  • This collection helps children develop an appreciation for the simple things in life … (which  often turn out to be the things that bring the most happiness anyway)
    • They provide a valuable Gold-Mine of easy-to-follow, true-to-life stories that will help your child learn to make good decisions … even when you’re not around!

    Introducing … The

    Kids Life-Skill Stories Collection


    Especially for parents who are serious about setting their children up for a fantastic future!

    “It seems we only have a short window to have input into our kid’s characters … don’t miss it!” Uncle Russ

    “It seems we only have a short window to have input into our kid’s characters … don’t miss it!”


    From ‘Uncle Russ’ … the greatest-ever uncle!
    Melbourne, Australia.


    Dear Parent  (and any badly besotted aunts, uncles, or grandparents who might be reading this)


    If you are a parent who wants to have the smoothest possible character-development journey for your child, then this may be the most important letter you’ve ever read!

    Big call?

    Maybe … but follow me while I share where I’m coming from …


    “Uncle Russ, tell us a story!”

    Coming from my nieces and nephews, this greeting never fails to make me melt! And I must admit I love the stories as much as they do! (Does anyone ever outgrow listening to a thrilling story? If you say ‘yes’ … I don’t believe it!)

    They are “golden memories” … having a youngster pressing in close to you with wide, excited eyes, holding their breath in anticipation as you dramatize the words off the page … this definitely has to rank among the best of them! There’s nothing like chuckling and crying together over a good story.

    Hi, I’m Russell Alsop, and maybe you can relate to my story …

    I got to remembering … how I grew up with a mother who would share family stories around the dinner table most evenings – tales of Grandpa working as a bullock driver in the Australian bush … the interesting visitors who came to their farm … the colorful neighbors in the district … how she and Dad met!

    I had a good grip of who I was and where I came from.

    But the stories didn’t stop there.

    At bed time, my parents would read me gripping true-to-life stories of people and their every day adventures.

    The story books didn’t have many pictures … but I could see it all happening as the images cascaded through my mind – I could smell the bush, feel the wind on my face, taste the camp food, and imagine each of the characters in the story.


    “My wife was the same … she too could remember the stories read to her as a child! It continues to amaze us just how powerful good stories are!”

    There was always a vital message that went straight to my heart (even though I didn’t notice it at the time) – an ideal that I would want to have, or the character of a person that I would want to be like!


    But I fear for kids today!

    Look at some of the stats…

    • by the time a child in the US finishes elementary school they have witnessed 8,000 murders on TV
    • when they reach 18 years … more than 200,000 acts of violence have entered their brain space
    • they get only 3½ minutes of meaningful conversation per day with most parents, compared with …
    • an average of 4 hours per day in front of the TV (Norman Herr, PhD, Professor of Science Education, California State University, Northbridge, 2007.)

    Scary isn’t it? Now I’m not into bashing TV – there’s a lot of

    worthwhile stuff! But it’s got its downside too. Look at

    some of these harmful effects of TV watching


    1. Produces a hypnotic effect, bypassing frontal lobe filtering (affects your moral conscience) 
    2. Increases aggressive and violent tendencies
    3. Can be a significant stressor
    4. Unbalances the brain, favoring depression through both its content and hypnotic effect
    5. Reduces interest in reading and learning
    6. Weakens brain power
    7. Encourages poor lifestyle choices
    8. Increases day-dreaming
    9. Encourages obesity
    10. May reduce our powers of discrimination
    11. Weakens creativity
    12. Trains kids not to react
    13. Addictive
    14. Adversely affects spiritual pursuits
    15. Reduces time available for productive achievement
    16. Steals time from family interaction ("Depression: The Way Out" Dr Neil Nedley M.D. 2005)


    So you’ve got to ask the question …


     What Input is Actually Forming Our Children's

    Characters These Days? 

    Not only that, but with so much advertising and information avalanching into a child’s mind from various media sources, their own creativity and imagination is at risk of being seriously impaired.

    And then there are negative effects associated with excessive time spent playing computer games, which can become addictive and limit development of interpersonal skills.

    All this stuff is pretty well known, and gets talked about a lot. But the question remains:


    How do we take steps to counteract ‘negative input’ and

    find a healthy balance?


    Back to my story …

    I didn’t realise it at the time, but the stories my parents used to read to me from as early as I can remember were forming the characteristics of what’s called ‘me’ today! Sure, they carefully picked quality stories with punch … but they also had a powerful message.

    Messages like …


    • being passionate 
    • standing for something worthwhile
    • being industrious
    • having confidence when facing new challenges
    • being kind to others
    • always sticking to your word
    • being comfortable talking with grown-ups
    • respecting Mom and Dad
    • being creative
    • learning the value of a friend
    • becoming independent
    • overcoming shyness
    • keeping promises
    • making good decisions
    • finishing what you start
    • respecting authority
    • the value of family
    • overlooking other’s faults
    • being truthful
    • looking for the good in others
    • having confidence in what you can do
    • how to behave when out visiting
    • happy being ‘ME’

    … and much, much more!


    It was only later I fully realized the consequences these word-painted-pictures could have on the “highly absorbent minds” of little kids … setting them up with the unlimited potential to become all they can be.


    Yes … without even realising it, I had internalised those stories my parents read to me all those years ago. The principles in the stories gave me an internal compass that helped me successfully navigate the challenges life has thrown my way!

    I’ll never underestimate the power of a good story!

    And that’s where this passionate hunt for heart-touching, character-molding, entertaining, true-to-life stories began!

    All the classic fairy tales are great … but where do you find ‘NOW’ stories that kids can imagine themselves in?

    There are some fabulous authors around – but I found it difficult to locate stories with those ‘wholesome values’ my mother used to read to me all those years ago!

    Believe it or not my search arrived at a surprisingly young mother of five, who manages a cleaning business … and who writes for a hobby! 


    I was astounded with the insight this young mother had. But maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised, seeing she is immersed in bringing up five closely-spaced children!

    Together we started working on this project … making available the sort of stories that would put an Internal Compass in children … that would set them up to Successfully Navigate the challenges that life throws at them.  

    The results astounded and thrilled us both, so now we are delighted to present to you these truly original, character-enhancing stories, that I know your kids are going to love!




    Here’s a quick glimpse of some of the adventures

    contained in these stories for you and your family …


    • Time Out Tommy … (Making Good Decisions) – Tommy described this as a ‘really bad day’ … but without him knowing it, this day was going to make all future days a whole lot better!
    •  Carly’s Wild Ride … (Unselfishness) – Carly never made it to the park to show off her new bike … but she was surprised to discover something even more exciting along the way!

    •  Taking Sides … (Peer Pressure/Friendship) – New in the school, Hayley is under pressure. What’s it going to be … the most popular kid on the school ground, or loyal to her best friend? How does she handle it? 

    •  Just Kicking Rocks … (Bullying) – Freddy finally opens up to his favorite teacher at school and is relieved to find that it’s not his fault that the bigger boys always pick on him. Now he knows there is someone who will stand up for him.

    • The Night Meeting … (Trustworthy) – His stomach twitched at even the slightest night sound or cracking twig. Caleb regretted agreeing to deliver the mysterious envelope… but he hurried on knowing that Farmer Ted was relying on him. It wasn’t till the next day that he discovered just why this envelope was so important!

    • Gimme That Back! … (Getting along with brothers and sisters) – If Eating Big Sister’s crayons wasn’t bad enough, tearing up her favorite poster was the last straw. Would Baby Ella ever be welcome back in Dena’s room again? 

    And that’s just a tiny taste of these awesome True-To-Life stories offered to you in Kids Life-Skill Stories collection.

    "Children can learn to read easily without being taught, by being read to, by playing games with words, and by falling head over heels in love with books."  Mem Fox (Children's Author)


    By investing just a few minutes each night you’ll have the satisfaction of

    giving your child some of the most powerful behavior-forming input to

    help them become great kids.


    Not only that … you’ll also be able to enjoy special “one-on-one” time with your child, which will not only build a strong bond, but you’ll also share values that will shape their characters, build their self-esteem, and set them up to be great decision makers.

    Here’s a complete list of the stories you’ll find in Kids Life-Skill Stories and the character-building lessons your child will gain …


    Story  Title Life-Skill  Value Page
    Adeline's Great Day Accepting responsibility for your actions 4
    Making the Grade Asking for what you need 8
    Monkey See, Monkey Do Being an example 11
    Learning to Love Again Belonging to a family  15
    Just Kicking Rocks Bullying 19
    Manners Class Courtesy 23
    A Very Special Day Friendship  27
    Gimme That Back Getting along with brothers & sisters  31
    Maggie & Mom Getting along with parents 35
    It Wasn't Me Honesty 39
    Just Like Me Influence of older kids  43
    Taking in Strays Kindness 47
    The Garage Sale Learning unselfishness  51
    Jarod's Storm Life in a stepfamily 55
    The Walk Home Living by the Golden Rule 58
    Time Out Tommy Making good decisions  62
    Taking Sides Peer pressure 66
    Brother to Brother Respecting others 69
    Stanley's Great Adventure Respecting others' property 73
    Where’s My Stuff? Responsibility 77
    Just a Little Break Responsibility 81
    Ugly Is As Ugly Does Self-esteem   84
    Stay Out of My Bubble! Setting boundaries/Bullying 88
    The Night Meeting Trustworthiness 92
    Carly's Wild Ride Unselfishness 96
    Is Everything OK? Worry 99



    How I wish I’d had this collection of stories to share with my nieces and nephews when they were little! (But that’s OK … now I have them to read to my Grand-nieces and nephews!) Each one is cleverly crafted to make a positive but subtle impression on a child’s highly absorbent mind. But there’s a whole lot more …

    So what do I mean when I say “a whole lot more”? Let me explain …


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    We had a fascinating chat with two of the most amazing family life “gurus” we’ve had the pleasure of meeting!

    Just look at what they both talk about …


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    • How should I deal with my child being a bully?
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    Here in this easy-to-follow guide are a variety of other ways you and your children can enjoy that same precious, sharing-time that welds you all together.

    And the great news is, often it doesn't cost a thing!

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    So there you have it … I don’t know about you, but I wish I’d had all this helpful information when we were babysitting our nieces and nephews! It would have made it a whole lot easier on us!


    Well I suppose you are wondering

    how much this is all going to cost?

    Let me do the math for you … that’s a total of $104.95 worth of bonus gifts to you … ABSOLUTELY FREE.

    Being ‘book-type people’ ourselves we are often cruising through book shops, where typically you can pay at least $10.00 for one story and that’s when they are at sale price! And to tell the truth, while some of these stories are great, I had a tough time finding stories I really felt comfortable sharing with my nieces and nephews.

    Watch your kids blossom and develop into successful teens and inspired adults … living life with purpose!

    So if you add up our collection of 26 stories at $10.00 each, that’s $260.00, plus the bonuses at $121.95 – that’s makes a total value of $364.95! That surprised us a bit!! … but a “Family Tool Box” as practical and effective as this could easily be priced at $97.00 and still be exceptional value in the lasting, positive effects these stories will have on your child.

    Not only that you’ll be amazed and delighted with the brilliant parenting tips that you can start applying TODAY from the contribution by family experts Nancy Van Pelt and Kay Kuzma as they share their years of wisdom and experience.

    And believe me - these two specialists have a bunch of successful years behind them. As a result of their advice and simple “how-to” methods, they have witnessed countless kids blossom and develop into successful teens and inspired adults, living life with purpose, making their parents proud, delighted and … in some cases … amazed!

    We’ve put our heads together and agreed as to why we put this resource together … it was for young families like yours … when your children are at that ‘absorbent’ age … when they lay down that vital foundation for a life-long character.

    That’s why we are introducing this collection PLUS the free bonuses for only $37.00. I mean, really what’s that … like treating your family to McDonalds?

    In a further fit of madness we’ve decided to make
    a Special Launch Price by Slashing another $10.00 off …
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    To be realistic we aren’t going to leave it at a crazy $27.00 for ever … that’s for sure. And we have already decided to take out Nancy and Kay’s recordings and put them in a separate “Parenting Resource” product we are working on.

    So NOW is the time to scoop up a great bargain and start enjoying the magic these easy-to-use tools will work for you and your family… TONIGHT.


    Kids love stories
    "I love the learning 'nugget' found in each story."          

    "Conversation Starters…"

    We get little conversation times started after we share a story together.

    Jessie was quick to pick up on what the characters found out in each story. His favorite story so far is 'Monkey see, Monkey do'', as his little brother Stephan tries to copy him too!

    I love how the stories have the learning 'nugget' in each one.

    Jo Smith
    Mother of two boys (aged 2 & 7 years)
    Wandin North, Victoria, Australia


    It takes such a monkey off your back to know you’re applying proven techniques that don’t do anybody any harm … in fact they do your kids and you a real favor!


    So … if you want every advantage in giving your child the best opportunity to develop a character that will allow them not only cope in adversity, but to thrive and be successful, regardless of what life may throw at them, order Kids Life Skill Stories TODAY!

    You’ve got to admit … when you look around now … kids need every advantage they can get to prepare for what lies ahead.

    And with our 100% money back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose! But heaps to gain.

    Imagine … within minutes (all these resources are downloadable as ebooks and mp3 files) you and your child can launch on an exciting journey … laying down the foundation for an astounding character. Your child will stand out as an individual with purpose – as one who finds joy in life, who thrives on challenges rather than shrinking from them.


    "They are just so easy to read and understand…"

    "So kids can cope with whatever they encounter in life!"

    As a mother of four children with a wide age range, I know only too well the vital importance of developing the life-skills necessary for healthy growth and development.

    Thank you so much for this beautiful set of children’s stories!

    I really want my children to develop healthy social and emotional skills so they can cope with whatever they encounter in life, and go on to form positive social relationships that will help them grow. That’s just what these stories do.

    This amazing series of short stories enable my children to manage their feelings and develop strategies to deal with the issues that surround them in life.

    They are just so easy to read and understand … we love them!

    Nahla Khraim
    Mother of four children (from 14 months to 21 years)
    Practicing Pediatric Osteopath & Lecturer

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


    Okay, so let’s recap …


    Here’s What You Get Valued at Your Investment
    The Kids Life-Skill Stories Collection (ebook) $37.00 $27.00

    Free BONUS GIFT #1

    “How to Talk so Your Child Will Listen and Listen so Your Child Will Talk” with Nancy Van Pelt (mp3)

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    Total Value $141.95




    Your Saving $114.95  



    So do your children a favor – download Kids Life-Skill Stories NOW! Sharing these stories with your kids will send them the powerful message that they are important to you!

    One-on-one time with your children, sharing these stories, is going to forge a bond that will last a life-time. They will leave home one day … but these special, “golden moments”, with wide-eyed children hanging off every word as you share these adventures together, will be among your most precious memories, and your most valuable time investment.

    Wishing you and your family every happiness,


    Russell Alsop

    “Uncle Russ”


    P.S.  Sharing these adventures will help your child learn valuable life-skills, guaranteed to take them high and far.

    P.P.S.  You are going to love what these stories will do for your children! You’re going to smile with pride as you see them develop into capable, confident people with purpose … people who are ‘givers’ and not just ‘takers’.

    P.P.P.S.  In your own heart you know the bit of money is not an issue – the 100% total money back, NO QUESTIONS ASKED guarantee takes that monkey off your back anyway! It’s your commitment to give your children every possible advantage for a great future is the reason you will take action and order NOW!